Simple. Natural. Graceful.

MAYBE we can wear beautiful, natural fibers that have less of an impact on the environment and water supply. MAYBE the making of our clothing can encourage craftsmanship in our community. MAYBE we don’t mind waiting for made-to-order products or buying from select inventory to avoid waste. MAYBE the designs can be simple and timeless to last for years to come.

Using strictly natural linens, The Maybe Collection ethically makes comfortable, functional, beautiful women’s garments produced with minimal environmental impact for an accessible cost and with a personal touch.

After spending the first ten years of my career designing and producing functional clothing for nursing moms, children, and utility workers (not all necessarily at the same time), I decided in 2016 to start creating the clothes that fulfill my personal vision for a wardrobe that is at once functional and elegant, and with a minimal carbon footprint. You know – Simple. Natural. Graceful.

While Maybe Collection clothing works great for me, a busy mother of two girls and an entrepreneur, I design these garments for so many women I know, and the kind of woman I strive to be: calm yet active, relaxed yet focused, comfortable yet refined. My designs are intended to provide your wardrobe for lounging around the house, your uniform for drinking tea or wine on the porch, or pieces you can dress up with jewelry for a professional setting or a night out with friends.

I work really hard to have the smallest possible environmental impact in every aspect of The Maybe Collection – from the materials I source, to my internal operations, to my packaging. These clothes not only feel great to wear, but you can do so with the added comfort of knowing you’re wearing clothes that are good for our planet and the people on it.

Finally, I want my customers to understand that purchasing a product from The Maybe Collection is more than just a transaction in my eyes. Because of the gratitude I feel for each person that appreciates and identifies with my creations enough to purchase and wear them, I put a lot into customer relationships. If you aren’t satisfied with what you get, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to make it right.  I personally make and/or inspect every garment before it goes out the door. I just want to be the one to make your next favorite blouse, or dress, or shorts. You know - the thing you wish you could just wear every day.

Thanks for giving The Maybe Collection a chance, I hope you like what you see!

Paula LaFargue